24 October 2012

GAAP's Medical Externship Program: What You Should Know

GAAP's Medical Aesthetic Externship Program
will equip you with the skills for an exciting career in the medical arena.

Estheticians entering the industry at this time have the opportunity to explore and practice advanced techniques and treatments that will advance their skill set and lead to more successful and prosperous careers. It is essential for all estheticians to keep abreast of these changes and incorporate state of the art services in the medical esthetic arena. 
The GAAP Medical Esthetic Extern Program is broken down into (6) learning modules. The externship is 184 hours over an (11) week period. Each module is broken down into (8) clock hours of theory and (8) hours of hands on. During the last two weeks of the program Externs will perform services on GA Aesthetic Med Spa clientele. During the last (2) weeks of training, Externs will receive compensation according to Georgia's Law of Compensation.

Module I (24.0 hours) -- Nutrition and Esthetics- Adhering to good nutrition is the first step to having beautiful, healthy skin. While estheticians are not nutritionists; it is important for the esthetician to advise clients that the appearance and health of their skin begins with good eating habits. All bodily functions, including the building of tissues are directly related to nutrition. The foods we eat and the water we drink are the basic building blocks of life. It is beneficial for estheticians to have a good working knowledge of nutrition and how the ph of the skin and body is affected by the foods we consume.You will learn the following:

  1. Glycation
  1. Cross-Linking
  1. Vitamin Deficiency
  1. Macronutrients/Micronutrients
  1. Potential of Hydrogen
  1. Trace Minerals
  1. Nutrition and Esthetics
  1. Client Health Concerns
  1. Food Choices
  1. Water and the Skin
Module II (16.0 hours) -- Cosmetic Chemistry and Ingredients- The cosmetic industry is constantly developing new and improved products. This includes developing products with a natural as well as a clinical approach. It is the esthetician's role to be aware of new products, understand the key ingredients of products and educate clients about which products best suit their needs and personal results they are aiming to achieve. Products that estheticians use are the lifeblood of their services. Understanding the performance ingredients and how to penetrate those ingredients will be the point of difference between achieving results or not. Moreover, as skincare professionals, clients will seek your professional advice about the selection and application of professional products based on your knowledge of the chemical composition of these products.You will learn the following:
  1. Potential of Hydrogen
  1. Molecules
  1. Properties of Common Elements, Compounds and Physical Mixtures
  1. Chemical Reactions
  1. Solutions, Suspensions, and Emulsions
  1. Oil-in-Water (O/W) Emulsions
  1. Water-in-Oil (W/O) Emulsions
Module III (24.0 hours)--Advanced Skin Analysis- Before you build a house, you must assess the foundation in which the house will be built on. Skin analysis is essential in medical esthetics and all aesthetic professionals MUST understand the nature in which they are devising their treatments. Client skin analysis is an important part of an esthetician's skill set, since recommending the appropriate skin care products and regimen must be individualized to suit each person. Before performing services or selecting products, an individual's skin type and conditions must be analyzed correctly. Remember, we rely do not rely on protocol we rely on our knowledge!You will learn the following:
  1. Fitzpatrick Classification
  1. Glogau Classification
  1. Rubin's Classification
  1. Kligman's Classification Acne/Rosacea
  1. Robert's Classification for Ethnic Skincare
  1. Chinese Face Mapping 
Module IV (40.0 hours)--Advanced Topics and Treatments­- Medical aesthetics integrates surgical and nonsurgical procedures with esthetic treatments. Medical aestheticians are well trained, experienced and well diverse in assessing various skin conditions and devising treatment programs that yield results.You will learn the following:
  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  1. Chemo-surgery
  1. Cell Renewal Factor
  1. Deep Peels vs. Light Peeling Agents
  1. Medical Grade Peel
  1. Peel Layering
  1. Peel s combined with Mechanical devices
  1. Acid, Alkaline and pH Relationships
  1. Advanced Microdermabrasion Techniques(Certificate Awarded through Bella)
  1. MicroCurrent Facial/Body (Certificate Awarded through Beautiful Image)
  1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  1. Endermologie
  1. Pre and Postoperative care
  1. Injectables
  1. Skin Tag Removal
  1. Charting Documentation
  1. Compensation
Module V (40.0 hours) - - Laser Technology- Lasers are medical devices used for hair removal and skin treatments. They are high powered devices that use intense pulses of electromagnetic radiation and a single wavelength at one time. Different wavelengths affect different components of the skin. These different treatments can stimulate collagen production, reduce spider veins, reduce hair growth or peel the skin.You will learn the following: (Certification through Alma Lasers Awarded)
  1. Intense Pulse Light
  1. Tattoo Removal
  1. Radio Frequency
  1. Hair Removal
  1. Non-Ablative Fraxel
  1. Light Therapy
Module VI (40.0 hours) - Externship Practical Hands-on

Module VII (8.0 hours)-Professional Development- Medical aesthetics involves the integration of surgical procedures and esthetic treatments. In this setting, the physician concentrates on surgical work while the esthetician assists in aesthetic treatments. Career opportunities are available in many different settings and aestheticians perform a variety of services ranging from working with pre and post operative patients to managing a skin care department in a medical spa.You will learn the following:

  1. How to determine your self-worth
  1. HIPPA
  1. Working within a medical setting
  1. Resume Writing

What You Should Know

  • Applicants will be selected for the Externship on the basis of the quality of their resume and the connection between the applicant's goals and the outlined goals of the Externship Program. 
  • By participating in this program you will acquire hands-on clinical experience. Candidates need not show expertise in the field of the externship for which they apply but they must show interest and curiosity about the field as a possible career option.
  • Eligibility-- you must hold a licensed from the State Board of Cosmetology and have a cumulative average of 3.5 or higher from your prior Institution.
  • Next Steps-Interested applicants must submit a resume (please make sure to let us know your email address), official school transcripts reflecting your Aesthetic/Cosmetology grades as well as two completed Instructor Reference Forms. If applicant is a working professional, two professional references are required.
  • How to apply-- Please submit a resume, two letters of recommendation from your instructors (or professional references) and your official transcripts reflecting all your Aesthetic/Cosmetology courses.
  • Selection- Once your application is accepted, a member of the Extern staff will contact you to arrange a face to face interview. This process allows us to personally meet the prospective extern by generalizing questions that will help assess the candidate's qualifications and to evaluate whether they meet the admission requirements.
  • Contact- Please send all Externship submissions to:gaaestheticalliance@gmail.com

The deadline for application is December 1, 2012. Please make sure all applications are complete. Incomplete applications will not be entertained. Only qualified applicants with complete application packages will be invited to interview.


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